SMART PDF - An online viewer for PDF documents


Black Sun Plc has now launched a new online product called SmartPDF. This product allows companies to present information online, with advanced functionality, and in a more user friendly format than a standard pdf.

SmartPDF is an online viewer which enables users to browse and navigate the contents of a PDF document.

  • The user browses the PDF document without the need for a software plug-in (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader or Macromedia Flash)
  • SmartPDF provides high quality rendering of pages at different magnification levels.
  • Page thumbnails enable users to navigate the document with minimum effort.
  • A full-text search engine allows users to locate pages containing specified search terms.
  • A print basket feature allows users to create a sub-set of document pages for printing without having to print the whole document.
  • SmartPDF also allows users to 'email a friend' with a link to the SmartPDF, a PDF of selected pages or a PDF of the full document.


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